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Наша команда:
  • We are tight-knit, charismatic group of energetic and young people. We know how to do our job professionally.
  • We teach our colleagues and advance ourselves.
  • We hope that our team will get to permanently assist you in your business and in your recreation.
  • You can learn about career opportunities with us in the section Careers at VELIY HOTELS.
We need heroes!

The VELIY HOTELS GROUP team is looking for the best of the best hoteliers.


  • Charismatic;
  • Ambitious;
  • Active;
  • Young at heart;
  • And ready to work in a new format.

VELIY – IS YOUR NEW WORLD! Take an interview and become a part of our team.

Perhaps we were looking just for you?

What creates a homey atmosphere at work? The best in you emerges here—every day.

You want to become better every day. Your strong qualities are accepted here. You can be yourself. And get acclamation for the results you could achieve. We value our employees and promote your career development.

We invite you to find a vacant job at the VELIY and send us your resume to

We will help you expand your potential to the maximum! 


Is this your first job?

Share with us your determination and your passion. We shall open a whole world of opportunities for you.

Leadership development programs, workshops and training, internships and entry-level positions—at VELIY HOTELS You can put into practice your lessons learned.

The power of solidarity.

VELIY employees experience it every day. We are absolutely convinced that our Company values our talents, of each of us.

Our solidarity creates inimitable hospitality, a feeling of being at home that engulfs our Guests.

Working in the hotels of our company.

At VELIY HOTELS we are firmly convinced that our guests will feel themselves at home only if our employees get to feel the same.

Working side by side, in a concerted effort, we invariably create every day an atmosphere of hospitality.

Possibilities of career development.

In our corporate culture employees always come first.

Work at VELIY will open doors for you into a world of unique experience, undeniable advantages and broadest opportunities.

Why does everyone working for us?

Open for yourself the advantages of belonging to our global family. This is why so many of our employees come to get a job with us, but stay on in order to build a career.

This is why so many employees recommend their friends for working at VELIY company.

Join the VELIY Hotels team!

You can send us your resume in any convenient format.


Работа в отелях компании

В компании VELIY HOTELS твердо уверены – наши Гости будут чувствовать себя как дома, только если так будут чувствовать себя наши сотрудники.

Работая бок о бок сообща, мы неизменно создаем атмосферу гостеприимства каждый день.

Возможности карьерного роста

В своей корпоративной культуре сотрудники всегда стоят на первом месте.

Работа в VELIY откроет Вам двери в мир уникального опыта, неоспоримых преимуществ и широчайших возможностей карьерного роста.

Почему всем так нравится работать у нас?

Откройте для себя преимущества причастности к нашей глобальной семье. Именно поэтому многие из наших сотрудников приходят получить работу, а остаются, чтобы построить карьеру.

Именно поэтому так много сотрудников рекомендуют своих друзей для работы в компании VELIY.

Присоединяйтесь к команде VELIY Hotels!

Вы можете направить нам Ваше резюме любым удобным способом:


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